Early Childhood Education & Care Plan - Our Curriculum

Our curriculum in Sunshine Early Learning Centre follows the Finnish national curriculum guidelines for early childhood education and care (ECEC) and Tampere city’s local ECEC curriculum. The most natural ways for children to act and develop their skills are playing, moving, experiencing and creating art and exploring. By teaching the children through the ways that are most natural to them we are allowing them to develop their learning skills while providing them with the knowledge base for further learning.

Our activities in Sunshine Early Learning Centre are carefully planned by our teachers. Each group in Sunshine Early Learning Centre has got its own group curriculum defining the subject areas and topics covered during the year. The group curriculum is updated every year to meet the needs of each group of children.

For the English language learning we have a separate four year teaching programme planned to provide the children with a profound basis for continuing learning in English at primary school. The programme progresses incremently from the Toddler group through Juniors, Kindergarten and finally to the Preschool group. The program is designed systematically whereby children up to the age of 5 can join Sunshine without any prior knowledge of the English language. However, any new children joining our Preschool group should have some previous knowledge and foundation of the English language.

English is taught through the language immersion method where the child learns language in everyday situations. At first the children start repeating the songs, rhymes and games that we play during the day. Also the daily routines with their specific vocabulary become familiar to the children. Additionally, in the Kindergarten and Preschool groups we use work & exercise books for English teaching.