We are very excited to announce the opening of our third Sunshine Early Learning Centre, Sunshine Hervanta in March 2020.

Expanding to Hervanta – which is known as a vibrant, multicultural part of the city, and a base for many international technology companies along with a university campus – is a very natural step for Sunshine ELC. For years there have been requests for Sunshine to expand to Hervanta, and now that we have finally found a perfect place, we are eagerly looking forward to meeting our new families.

Sunshine Hervanta will be located in Sähkökatu, Hervanta. The facilities in this daycare and kindergarten are wonderful, with a newly renovated building, and a vast amount of space available for creating variable learning environments and areas for physical activity. There is also a large, well equipped playground attached to the daycare. As always, our priority is to offer children a safe and caring environment where they are encouraged to take part and enjoy learning every day.

Sunshine Hervanta will offer early childhood education and care in three groups for up to 54 children. Applications are now open for these groups. You can fill in an application from here on our website.

For more information, please contact Johanna at office@selc.fi or +358 50 4704299