Welcome to Sunshine Early Learning Centre

Our learning environment is international and we use English language in all our daily activities. With our pedagogical activities we aim to give children the best possible foundation for life-long learning.

In our activities we emphasize:

Learning through play

Experiencing and creating art through music, visual arts & crafts, drama and literature

Supporting children’s inner curiosity and need to explore new things

Physical education and outdoor activities in playgrounds/parks

Development of children’s social and interpersonal skills


To offer high-quality Early Childhood Education and Care in English language

At Sunshine our priority is to provide a safe, warm and friendly setting for children to grow and develop. The most natural ways for children to act and develop are through playing, moving, experiencing and creating art and exploring. By teaching the children through the ways that are most natural to them we enable them to develop their skills while also making the learning process enjoyable and fun.

Our teaching staff works in close partnership with parents, carers and the local community in order to offer rich learning environments, opportunities and resources and to encourage all areas of learning in accordance with our curriculum.

We are committed to developing children’s social skills. We want each child in our care to feel like a valued member of the group. Sunshine has a structured way of teaching children empathy skills, respect towards one another, building their self-esteem and practicing good manners. Social interaction and friendship skills are learnt and practiced every day with the support of our teaching staff.

In order to learn a new language children need to hear it a lot. They need to be exposed to the second language as much as possible and in matters that interest children. That is why at Sunshine language learning happens throughout the day.

  • Multicultural staff and children create a truly international learning environment, which also teaches children understanding and respect towards different cultures.
  • We also teach Finnish as a second language to children whose mother tongue is not Finnish.
  • Most children who attend our preschool continue to FISTA (Finnish International School of Tampere) school where they’re taught their primary school subjects in English.

Sunshine is all about giving children the best start in life-long learning.



Daycare Kindergarten


Daycare Kindergarten


Daycare Kindergarten


Coming in November 2022: Sunshine Ranta-Tampella


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